Coimbatore based acquires Cerebrata: Addition to their product services


Coimbatore based SaaS company claims Cerebrata, as the company announced in its official blog.

Cerebrata is a software enterprise that develops tools for managing Microsoft Azure resources for developers. It was founded by Gaurav Mantri in 2007 and is based out of Rajasthan. The company later fell into Red Gate’s care in 2011 and gained back again by the founder in 2016.

The acquisition was done as a means to strengthen the company’s product portfolio. is a premier software and B2B SaaS company that operates from Coimbatore and London.

The company’s Serverless360 is a platform to monitor Azure Serverless Components, supported by Cerebrata that specializes in the field to manage Microsoft BizTalk.’s major clients are BBC, BUPA, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Columbia Sportswear Company.

Post the acquisition the company is believed to have widespread opportunities of opening up in 250+ new customers especially in the USA which can increase the TOP by 15-20%.

Serverless 360 will majorly focus on assisting teams while Cerulean will be for individual developers that work on Microsoft Azure.

Because of the integral idea of both the items, sees tremendous potential for strategically pitching openings between the client base. We are expecting an extra 15-20% top-line income development for through Cerebrata procurement,” said Saravana Kumar, Founder and CEO of

Both Kovai and Cerebrata are fixated on client achievement and joy; that this arrangement is required to bring. “Since both the items are reciprocal instead of contending, consequently helping various personas (designers/IT ace versus Group/Support), existing customers of both the items will get profited,” said Gaurav Mantri, Founder and Head of Technology, Cerebrata Software.


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