How innovation helped Wow! Momo survive the COVID 19 crisis


Lockdown for COVID 19 crisis has crippled the business world significantly. With More than 40% of companies down to their 50% initial revenue, small startups and businesses are the worst to get affected. With companies continuously changing their product services from anything to the
essential goods production, food, and beverages (F&B) segment are finding it hard to cope up with just 50% running capacity and low demands.

Amidst all this, a QSR brand named Wow! Momo has shown a bit of innovation and showed the world how necessity is key to innovation. With quickly reacting to the whole situation, Wow! Momo has successfully opened a branch of its company called Wow! Momo Essential Services aimed to deliver essential goods to the public at home.

A service which was aimed to keep the company afloat is now conquering the market slowly with an average of 4 crores per month revenue and expected to clock 5 crores per month in the near future without laying any of its 2007 member fleets!

Speaking of the new normal amidst the COVID crisis, founder of Wow! Momo Mr.Sagar said that health and hygiene would become the topmost priority in the near future. Essential services delivery at home is bound to be a success with people being afraid to come out of their homes.

With over 190-200 outlets already operational and another 150 to be opened soon, Wow! Momo Essential services will quickly convert its 27% share in total revenue to 90% of the total revenue! Said Sagar.

With unlock 1.0, restaurants are not allowed to operate at its full capacity and owners continuously changing their menus to reduce the preparation time for the food it’s a hard time owning a restaurant or food chain business. Keeping it for just a short term business plan, Mr.Sagar said that they would very soon start to operate the original Wow! Momo QSR at full
capacity whenever the time is correct, but till then, we have to keep fighting and don’t let COVID 19 win this war.

With quickly reacting to the whole crisis, Wow! Momo has shown us that bad times give us an opportunity to relook and reignite. Innovation and experimentation with things during adverse times is what defines a true entrepreneur.


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