How is 4BaseCare Contributing to India’s Cancer Care?


Did you know that there are currently 2.5 lakh active cancer cases in India? Not only that, every year, at least 1 lakh cases of cancer are added in India only.

Yet, the global genomics data does not include the country’s statistics at all. They’re mostly based on data collected from UK and US. In reality, 50% of the world’s cancer cases belong to the Asia Pacific region that is not taken into consideration by many genomics data collectors.

With the help of genomics data, that is based on the samples of DNA and RNA of patients, more specific treatments can be suggested for the patient. This is being done in the developed countries of the world.

4BaseCare, a start-up in Bangalore, has been working for collecting genomics data for the treatment of cancer patients. They collect the genetic data of the patients and provide it to the cancer biobank. Here, the medical data, as well as tissue samples, are used for conducting oncology research and suggesting treatments accordingly.

The world has been moving towards specialization in the field of medicine. Cancer is an illness that needs special attention and knowledge for treatment. With the help of data generated from the patient’s DNA and RNA samples, a more precise treatment can be provided to him or her.

So far, 4BaseCare has collected samples of 1,000 patients in the country. They are the world’s first organization to be performing population-specific genetic tests. They have identified mutations in tumors which have helped them provide personalized treatment to cancer patients.

Conclusion :
This is a way for the oncology department to develop in India. From generalized treatment, we are now moving towards specialized treatment for cancer, with an intention to increase the recovery rate in the country.


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