Marriot International Forms a Joint Venture With Zomato for Home Delivery Services


Marriot International has partnered with Zomato to make their home delivery services “Marriot on Wheels” available to their customers. Marriot will also provide bento box meals and corporate out-door services.

Zomato revealed that this association will expand Marriot’s home delivery services throughout India and help them expand their outreach to various customers.

The partnership will begin with 30 hotels in several cities such as Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Raipur and Surat. Every hotel has a special Marriot on Wheels menu that comprises of their signature dishes. Zomato also mentioned that the services will be extended to other cities also as more hotels join in.

The Senior Vice President of South Asia Marriot International, Neeraj Govil, said that they wanted to revolutionize food delivery and also alleviate their service elements, and this is why they partnered with Zomato. This partnership will help in providing end-to-end solutions flawlessly in terms of speed and quality while keeping all the protocols under check.

COO of Foo Delivery, Zomato, Mohit Sardana said that Zomato was delighted to have partnered with Marriot International and have them featured in the Zomato app under the name Marriot on Wheels. Many customers look forward to eat special foods, especially when they are celebrating an occasion and this partnership is significant to uplift the experience of premium foods.

All pre-paid orders will follow contactless delivery, where the delivery executive will leave the food at the doorstep instead of handing it over to the person. Zomato also said that a sanitization station and temperature checking station will be established for all Zomato delivery executives at Marriott locations so that there is no compromise in terms of safety for the food delivered.

This partnership will let you experience the taste of food of 5-star hotels from the comforts of your home especially since the pandemic has restricted us from going out excessively.


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