Top 51 Startups in Chennai, Tamil Nadu


The wonderful city of Chennai has been a hotspot for start-ups. There is no shortage of talent and when given the opportunity and provided with resources, people have on and again proved that they can be good businessmen. Tamil Nadu policies are opportune and welcoming, which help the start-up ecosystem to thrive. Here is a list of 50 start-ups in Chennai that have made a name for them.

  1. Animaker
    Founded by RS Raghavan in 2013, Animaker is one of the fastest-growing software companies for content creation. They cater to the demands of businesses that are looking forward to visual marketing.
  2. Bharat Matrimony
    Founded by Murugavel Janakiraman in 1997, Bhatarmatrimony is an online is an online matrimonial service that has connected thousands of hearts in the past 20 years. It is one of the largest matrimonial services in India and has 130 physical office branches in not just India but in abroad too.
  3. Snack Experts
    Jointly founded by Arul Murugan Palanichamy, Arun Prakash, and Mary Shamla in 2014, Snack Experts is a much-loved snacks company in Chennai. They deliver freshly made healthy snacks, especially to offices and institutions. They aspire to provide healthy eats to people who work but look forward to snacking healthy and smart.
  4. BankBazaar
    Founded jointly by Rati Shetty, Adhil Shetty, and Arjun Shetty in 2008, BankBazaar is an online marketplace that offers financial products to its users. Users love the fact that theyare given different offers that are customized according to their requirements.
  5. ZEEK Digital is a Digital Product Development Company focuses on Website Development, Mobile App Development, Web3 – Blockchain & NFT Development, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing. A wide variety of Digital Solutions from Influencer Marketing to 360 Degree Digital Marketing services. They are located in IT Hub of Chennai – OMR. ZEEK Digital also introduced a Digital Marketing Training program under “ZEEK Digital Academy” for Students across Globe. Students from United States of America (USA), Australia, India are recommending this program to others.
  6. FourKites
    Founded by Matt Elenjickal in 2014, FourKites is a supply chain management platform for global organizations. They have the largest network of carriers, shippers, and third-party logistics. The company uses an exclusive algorithm to calculate and determine the arrival time of a shipment. This helps customers to reduce the cost of operation, improve timely performance, and fortify end-customer relationships.
  7. Flintobox
    Founded jointly by Arunprasad Durairaj, Sreenidhi Srirangam, and Vijaybabu Gandhi in 2013, Flintobox makes creative activity boxes for children. They work on a subscription model and create activity boxes monthly based on the development of the child.
  8. Tendercuts
    Founded by Nishanth Chandran in 2015, Tendercuts is a company that sells meat cut, sliced, or diced according to the customer’s requirement. They are FSSAI and halal certified, so you know that you get the best quality of fish, chicken, and mutton.
  9. Wsquare
    Founded jointly by Vandhana Ramanathan and Jinal Patel recently in 2017, Wsquare is a co-working space for women. It is the first of its kind in India and offers food delivery, Wi-Fi, spa treatments, yoga sessions, and security. Women that are looking forward to work independently from home can get a desk here in Wsquare.
  10. CaratLane
    Founded jointly by Mithun Sacheti and Srinivasan Gopalan in 2008, CaratLane has become Indian’s largest online jewellery store. After it was acquired by Titan, the company has further risen to fame. The platform eliminates real estate and inventory costs as it purchases directly from vendors and supplies it to customers.
  11. Chargebee
    Founded jointly by KP Saravanan, Krish Subramanian, and Thiyagarajan T and Rajaraman S in 2011, Chargebee utilizes the plug-and-play system so businesses can automate billing, invoicing and transactional emails for better communication with their customers in various industries.
  12. Terragreens Organic
    Founded jointly by Likitha Bhanu and her daughter Padmaja Bhanu in 2013, Terragreens Organics began its journey with 300 farmers. The company aims in supplying pure and high-quality organic products right from the farmers.
  13. Ovenfresh
    Founded by Rajiv Subramanian in 2008, Ovenfresh has established more than 50 outlets across Chennai and Bengaluru. They sell freshly baked products and serve more than 8, 000 customers in a single day.
  14. Fipola
    Founded by Sushil Kanugolu in 2016, Fipola is a meat retailing company that looks forward to deliver premium meat products in a hygienic and easy shopping environment.
  15. Uniphore
    Founded jointly by Ravi Saraogi and Umesh Sachdev in 2008, Uniphore is a software company that deals in speech recognition. The software application recognizes and responds to human voice. Their application can be used for virtual speech assistant,biometrics, and speech analytics.
  16. Proklean Technologies
    Founded jointly by Vishwadeep Kuila and Dr. Sivaram Pillai B. Chandrasekhar in 2009,Proklean Technologies explores industrial applications using probiotics. Their products are non-toxic and biodegradable which is why their clients are based across the globe. Their products are famous in the markets of USA, Australia, South Africa, Hungary, Germany,Thailand, China, and many more.
  17. Vakilsearch
    Founded by Hrishikesh Datar in 2011, Vakilsearch is a platform that takes care of legal requirements of businesses which include accounting, filing of government documents,compliance registrations, and many more.
  18. FixNix
    Founded by Shanmugavel Sankaran in 2012, FixNix SaaS-based GRC that helps in automating the risk management and compliance procedures that are associated with corporate governance. They also give insights to the respective organizations with spontaneous dashboards.
  19. Saviva Technologies
    Founded jointly by D. Jamunadevi and Murli Manohar J M in 2015, Saviva Technologies have been giving digital identities to their customers. They build WordPress sites and their work is so unique that they have already won the India 500 Startup Awards for the year 2019.
  20. Tuskmelon
    Founded jointly by Balaji, Ashok Mohan, and Shriram Swaminathan, Tuskmelon provides digital solutions to its customers. They offer services like personal branding, influencer marketing, and corporate services. They have been appreciated for their work by companies like Tvasta, Brand Blitz, Equitas, Fan2Play, OiC, and others.
  21. Sulekha Founded by Satya Prabhakar in 1996, Sulekha provides a digital platform to professionals and consumers in more than 40 cities in India. Although there are more than 200 categories which can be explored for services Sulekha focuses on services related to life, home and self. They have 14 offices across the world in countries like UK, US, UAE, and Canada.
  22. Kobzo
    Founded jointly by Mohan Gayam, Vineet Neeraj and Karthik Ramaiah in 2012, Kobzo is an e-Commerce company. It was earlier known as Kobster. The company delivers office supply to small, medium, startups, and home businesses. They have more than 1 lakh different products in multiple categories, which ensure office needs of a wide range of business types is taken care of.
  23. Perfint Healthcare
    Founded by S Nandakumar in 2005, Perfint Healthcare develops equipments for diagnosis in the field of oncology. Their equipments help the clinicians in ablation of tumors, perform CT guided biopsies for cancer and assist with drug delivery with the help of robotics and medical image processing.
  24. Chrysalis
    Founded by Chitra Ravi in 2001, Chrysalis is an innovative academic program that is meant for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Their product ‘Think Room’ has been created to explore the potential of every child. It is an academic program for Science, Mathematics, Social Science and English.
  25. Lawbot
    Founded by Manasvini Krishna in 2016, Lawbot is a legal platform that uses Artifical Intelligence to analyse contracts. Customers can obtain legal AI through contract investigation. Manasvini has obtained is law degree in Bachelor’s from National Law University, Bhopal and went on to complete his Master’s from the University of Oxford
  26. Avaza
    Founded by Ajit Narayanan in 2014, Avaza is a tech company that creates augmentative and alternative devices for communication for specially enabled children. Children suffering with cerebral palsy, communication disorders, down syndrome and autism can use the device from Avaza to communicate. Avaza is the first of its kind in India.
  27. Wandertrails
    Founded jointly by Narayan Menon, Vishnu Menon, Sruti Chander, Pranav Kumar and Hari Nair in 2016, Wandertrails is an online website that caters to travelling needs of the people that are looking for some adventure. It lets you indulge in adventurous activities and in experimental stays.
  28. Pipecandy
    Founded jointly by Ashwinb Ramaswamy, Murali Vivekananda and Shrikanth Jagannathan in 2016, Pipecandy is an e-commerce analytics company. Investors, marketers and analysts can rely on the insights of this company as it trails more than 5 lac companies to collect its data.
  29. HipBar
    Founded by Prasanna Natarajan in 2015, HipBar is a digital payment company that delivers alcohol to its users. It lets you place order for alcohol through their app. Their platform connects alcohol brands, users and retails store owners and retails store owners on a single
  30. BigFDay
    Founded by Utkarsh Singhania in 2017, BigFDay is an event management company. It works in more than 500 different venues in Chennai. It takes care of all types of events, including weddings, corporate events and birthday parties. It assists professional planners with the prerequisites to host the event.
  31. Zoho
    Founded jointly by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thoman in 1996, Zoho is a software development company that offers a range of products that fulfill various business needs. There are more than 40 million users of Zoho. Their services include project management tool, finance management tool and email sending clients. They also have offices in abroad too.
  32. Financial Software System
    Founded by Nagaraj Mylandla in 1991, FSS deals in electronic payments. Businesses can use their electronic payments and financial transaction processing services. The company is not just performing in Chennai, but it is also doing well overseas in places like Singapore, Africa,Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.
  33. Waygum
    Founded by Sundar Krish in 2015, Wagum is a software company in Chennai. The company has developed an application that helps the managers of any company to keep a track of their operations on their smartphone. Reports and updates can be exchanged through the application.
  34. WayCool (Agri tech startup) Founded by Karthick Jayraman and Sanjay Dasari in 2015, WayCool was started by the duo to become the largest food development and distribution service company. Their startup will help more than 500,000 farmers of India.
  35. Skill Angels
    Founded by Saravanan Sundaramoorthy in 2013, Skill Angels is an e-learning platform. The startup has a team of development experts, education visionaries and clinical psychologists that look forward to helping the children with their cognitive development using different types of games on their website.
  36. Servion
    Founded jointly by N Raghunandan and Kavikkal Balakrishnan in 1991, Servion offers application software to businesses. Their solutions automate customer interaction networks and enhance customer experience. Some of their IP platforms include ServDesignSM, ServCloudTM, ServCareSM, ServIntuitSM and ServInsights.
    Founded by Ashwini Asokan in 2015, is an AI company. It uses data science combined with image recognition to extract catalogue data and analyse it for user behaviour. This helps businesses to lower costs, enhance customer experiences and boost conversions.
  38. NetMeds
    Founded by Pradeep Dadha in 2015, NetMeds has been actively taking online orders from customers and supplying them with a variety of healthcare products. The company has the famous Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as their brand ambassador.
  39. OrangeScape
    Founded by Suresh Sambandam in 2012, OrangeScape is a company that offers work management software. They have more than 2 million users and are working in more than 121 countries. They have been appreciated for bringing real solutions to work.
  40. Energyly
    Founded jointly by Dilip Rajendran and Dayal Nathan, Energyly helps businesses and managers in lowering their utility bills. Their application can connect up to 10 devices to a screen through their analytics dashboard to monitor the energy usage. They have received
    the Best Startup – Energy Award and Best Utility App Award by CII Startupreneurs and Global Mobile App Summit & Awards respectively.
  41. GoBumpr Founded jointly by Nandha Kumar, Karthik Venkateshwaran and Sundar Natesa, GoBumpr helps people locate, book and pay for automobile services from various service stations. It also offers vehicle insurance renewals, round the clock road assistance, locating petrol pumps, scheduling paid services and much more.
  42. Vortex Engineering
    Founded by L. Kannan in 2001, Vortex Engineering offers specially designed ATMs that can work under all types of conditions anywhere in the world. Not only do their ATMs use very less power, but they also utilize solar power to function. Vortex ATMs have been deployed
    in 8 countries across the world.
  43. Intain
    Founded by Siddhartha S in 2018, Intain focuses on building Intelligent Blockchains. They combine AI with Blockchain to provide services like Asset Securitization and Asset Value Blockchain. It is a 40 member team and is already doing quite well.
  44. PollResults is an FREE Online Poll Maker Software Tool for Students, Working professional, Entertainment industry personalities and act as a Survey tools for Election Poll Creator which can be shared via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms. 
  45. CiniCloud
    Founded by Suresh Kumar G, CiniCloud offers cloud-based theatre management system. Multiplexes and single-screen movie theatres can use CiniCloud to manage ticketing system, inventories, schedule movie times and seat management. It also offers insights and data
    analytics to movie theatres to help them understand the preferences of people who go out to watch movies.
  46. AquaConnect
    Founded by Rajamanohar Somasundaram in 2017, AquaConnect offers a better market to aqua farms. There are more than 600 aqua farmers with a total of 3,000 aqua farms spread over 1,500 hectares of land that are associated with AquaConnect.
  47. ThoughtBit
    Founded jointly by Rajeshwaran Venugopal and Pannerselvam in 2017, ThoughtBit helps businesses in filing their GST returns. It also provides AI-based data solutions to the companies for fling returns. They are connected with the government system, which lets them access data from the official website and reports its users in case they are not complying with the GST.
  48. Kencil
    Founded by Narendran Parivallal and Amol Arora, Kencil has been empowering more than 250 schools in 6 countries. Schools are using their technology to power their students. They have recently been awarded the “Most trusted technology solution provider for schools” by Eldrok India in 2019.
  49. MyTVS
    Founded jointly by Mukesh Dhingra and Sunil Dhingra in 2003, MyTVS is an automobile aftermarket service provider. Some of their services provided them include roadside assistance, car services of many brands, insurance, extended warranty management and more.
  50. Vivriti Capital
    Founded by Gaurav Kumar in 2017, Vivriti Capital helps SMEs, individuals and corporates with debt financing. Their range of products includes working capital, loans, structured debts, receivables finance and capital market instruments. Vivriti Capital has partnered with many insurance companies, banks, capital market investors and mutual funds. It also has an NBFC license.
  51. GUVI
    Founded jointly by Arun Prakash, Balamurugan, and Sridevi in 2014, GUVI lets people learn coding in their own language that has been created by industry experts. Once you learn, you can get certified by GUVI too.

This is a random list of 51 Startups in Chennai.


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